I’m Ken, my main interest in creating this blog is to ponder and weigh up my thoughts about what I am doing with creative writing, and also reading of books both to help me gain knowledge of authors styles of writing and what might be best for me.

I want to delve into writing as and interest for writing a novel mainly, but also think it will provide good creative criticism for me to enter some short story competitions, winners of these competitions are commonly published authors, so I will try not to let this worry me to much  :-).

My life has been fairly diverse with being married 3 times and having many differing job types.

  1. Landscape gardener apprentice.
  2. Soldier in the Royal Corps of signals.
  3. LGV C+E Night Trunk Driver.
  4. Software Engineer.
  5. Mental Health Support Worker.
  6. Foster Carer.

I think with my life experience that I may have a story or two I might tell, but want to fit bits n pieces into fiction books or fantasy novels.

I will be rambling about my progress in reading and reviewing other books also, as I want to create this blog to help motivate me in working harder towards this goal.