Book review -Once Gone by Blake Pierce

Serial Killer book, written in the style of Criminal Minds with the BAU and Quantico involved, I even had the sounds from the program popping up in my head at times (Not a bad thing for me as I am a C.M fan), although this is much more a partnership deal instead of a full team of people. Officer Riley Page is the main character, who has a natural instinct in seeing through the eyes of a killer. This being a little ‘Red Dragon’ by ‘Thomas Harris’, style in the way the detective uses empathy to enter the eyes of the murderer.


The Book is free on amazon kindle edition, and is not a bad read at all.

Given that the book covers no less than two serial killers, and has both prior story lines aswell as current, I enjoyed reading this book and the storyline involved.

Parts of the book became a little to descriptive , leaving just not enough to my imagination, and this was a little disappointing, or it would have received 4 stars.

Overall Rating

3 stars

Get ‘Once Gone’ Here – Can be watched on Cloud reader on any PC


Worth a read.



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