Book review :- Shankhill Butchers – a case study of mass murder. By Martin Dillon

I read this book whilst serving as a soldier in lisburn many years was this reason that I could not put it down.
sadism and psychopathic as the main character is, the area he grew up in being a split sreet with a Protestant side and a catholic side, coupled with him having a catholic surname but being protestant provides insight into the extreme difficulties this man would face as a child.
The animalistic acts thoughout the book show the gang to be riding on the political wave to instill their own sadistic satisfactions.
to say that we become a result of our past baggage, or in a simpler way and perhaps mpre relevant one! it really doea depend what side of the street you grow up in.

Score = 4 out of 5 very good book, perhaps a more about relationships of any positive nature could have been in it? If they existed that is. Totally recommend!

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